What is the Importance of Industrial Keyboards?

No matter what industry you are working in, each workplace has specific needs, something unique used in few other places.  Industrial keyboards are one such an example of something required in an industrial environment.  There is a wide range of industrial keyboards available on the market, each one manufactured according to the specific needs of its user.  Read more on what industrial keyboards are and how it functions.     

What are Industrial Keyboards?

Put simply, industrial keyboards are those keyboards manufactured specifically for use in factory floors or other harsh environments.  Industrial keyboards are able to withstand vibration, mist, dust, humidity, shock, splash, RFI, and EMI, among other things.   

Industrial keyboards, together with its respective industrial computers, have a user friendly design
and come in three major ranges

  • Silicone Industrial: with Mouse or Touchpad
  • Stainless Steel Desk Mount: with Trackerball or Touchpad.
  • Stainless Steel Panel Mount: with trackerball or Touchpad. 

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Since industrial keyboards are utilized in extreme applications and functions, they are made both powerful 

and rugged.

How do Industrial Keyboards connect to the

Industrial keyboards can be connected by one of the following two options:

  • USB Port (Kept in Stock)
  • PS2 Connector.
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