Different Types of Industrial Keyboards

Various industrial keyboards are available on the market from which companies can make a choice from. 

Industrial keyboards, together with its respective industrial computers, have a user friendly design
and come in three major ranges

  • Silicone Industrial: with Mouse or Touchpad
  • Stainless Steel Desk Mount: with Trackerball or Touchpad.
  • Stainless Steel Panel Mount: with trackerball or Touchpad. 

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Wireless Industrial Keyboards

Wireless industrial keyboards are, as the name suggests, those industrial keyboards that are without wires.  This type of industrial keyboard does in fact resemble a normal computer keyboard.  However, the main difference is that the wireless industrial keyboard transfers typing data to the computer via infrared beams.  When the keys on the wireless industrial keyboard are pressed a beam of information is sent from the industrial keyboard to a receiver that is plugged into a computer.  The clutter on one’s desk is also reduced considerably due to the absence of wires.  It is important that the infrared industrial keyboard should be placed in a location that can be reached from the infrared beam.  To ensure this it is essential to check specifications before making a purchase.  A problem will occur if the wireless industrial keyboard is not pointed in the direction of the receiver.

Touch Sensitive Industrial Keyboards

The touch sensitive industrial keyboard is able to withstand harsh use in both industrial and public places.  The touch sensitive industrial keyboard contains mounts underneath a non-conductive substrate such as plastic, wood, glass, or ceramic which is up to 100 mm thick.  The touch-sensitive industrial keyboard is also manufactured in such a way as to make cleaning easy and convenient.  This is due to the top of the industrial keyboard being essentially flat and because there is an absence of keys on the outside.  The keys are actually etched into the backlit plastic that is on the top of the industrial keyboard.  This feature ensures that there are no cracks on the industrial keyboard for dirt and crumbs to fall into as well as ensuring that it performs the function of a waterproof industrial keyboard as effectively as possible.  Applications using the touch sensitive industrial keyboard include public access internet kiosks, food packaging equipment, medical equipment, and printing machines. 



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